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1993 to 1997



In addition to the creation of the Order of the Cascaron during his term as FSAC President in 1992, Bob faced the serious challenge of retiring the debt incurred by the Commission’s observance of Fiesta Centennial the year before.  He accomplished that through various fundraising opportunities as well as personal appeals for donations among his many local business contacts and affiliations.  Bob also successfully negotiated a new ten-year city ordinance during his term in office.  Those efforts led to his own induction to the Order, the group he envisioned and worked to establish. 


A major source of revenue for the FSAC is the sale of official Fiesta merchandise.  That current enterprise began humbly when Agnes carried merchandise in her car to sell to others at meetings she attended and during various Fiesta events.  Owning, wearing and displaying Fiesta items soon became so popular the Fiesta Store was created for one-stop shopping, and it is not unusual now to see people waiting in line to be the first inside when the store opens.  That popularity is attributed to Agnes and her early one-person merchandising  efforts.  Among her other Fiesta accomplishments are terms as President of the Battle of Flowers Association and, in 1986, President of the FSAC.


As a founding member of the San Antonio Zulu Association, Don for many years presided over the organization and created its hugely popular Fiesta event, A Taste of New Orleans, in 1986.  It is now a three-day Fiesta staple that combines a large variety of authentic Cajun and Creole dishes with live jazz performances – some by groups from New Orleans who come to San Antonio specifically for this occasion - in an open-air setting.  Don’s devotion to All Things Fiesta was not limited to this one event, however, as he also held offices on the FSAC's Executive Committee, including his term as President in 1996, and served as a member of the state-wide board of the Texas Festivals and Events Committee.


Dennis was primarily responsible for the establishment of the Commission’s Corporate Sponsorship Program which helped to match official Fiesta event PMOs with businesses willing and able to underwrite and financially support the presenters’ Fiesta activities.  Dennis outlined the rules and guidelines which govern corporate sponsorship agreements, and he personally attended many initial meetings between Fiesta event planners and their potential business partners.  Dennis also reigned as El Rey Feo XXXVII in 1985. 


A highly involved Fiesta participant since 1966, Thad rose steadily through the ranks of the Texas Cavaliers and its River Parade committees before ultimately becoming River Parade Marshal and then King Antonio LXVI in 1988.  Eight years before achieving that high honor, he had served as FSAC President in 1980.  It was during his tenure that year that El Rey Feo was welcomed as an official member of Fiesta royalty under agreements arranged and formalized by the Commission under Thad’s watchful guidance. 



Frank’s decades-long involvement with the FSAC has been in the area of providing important legal representation and consulting services to the Commission in a pro bono capacity.  That involvement includes the essential liaison role he’s established and maintained between the Commission and the San Antonio City Council.  Aside from his professional legal services, Frank has also dedicated his efforts to the growth and expansion of the Fiesta Carnival.


Linda Lee’s love of Fiesta had her always on the lookout for the possible creation of new Fiesta events at her non-profit places of employment and organizations she served as a volunteer. Her first success was the formation of the Goodwill Fiesta Fair, followed by Senior Fiesta. Organized and presented by RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program), Senior Fiesta offers free information on planning for retirement and services available to seniors and retirees, while also presenting live performances, visits by Fiesta royalty and other VIPs and door prizes for attendees. Linda Lee’s concept for Senior Fiesta extended the Fiesta spirit to an ever-growing, but previously “eventless”, segment of San Antonio’s population.


Pete has held leadership positions with approximately 30 not-for-profit organizations at the local, state and national levels.  Notable in that mix are his services to the FSAC including, as Treasurer, raising $400,000 in three months time as seed money for Fiesta Centennial.  During his term as FSAC President in 1993 he led a planning retreat for Executive Committee members and Elected Commissioners which resulted in an FSAC mission statement that remains in effect to the present time.  He extended the mission statement requirement to all PMOs, with a focus being on the diversity of their boards.  He also negotiated venue changes for Ft. Sam Houston-sponsored Fiesta events due to Post access restrictions during Operation Desert Storm.  Pete followed those achievements  by reigning as El Rey Feo LI in 1999 after leading 200 volunteers who helped to raise $119,000 in scholarship funds for local area students, enabling them to pursue their higher education goals.    



Through his catering business, Nick’s first impact on Fiesta was the preparation of food items to be served at major events such as A Night in Old San Antonio.  His involvement grew steadily and eventually led to his coronation as El Rey Feo XL in 1988, a year when the continuous sponsorship of Rey Feo and his court was in jeopardy due to competing factions.  Nick persevered through the organizational challenges and by doing so maintained the unbroken line of Reyes Feo that originated in 1947.  The respect he garnered continued after his reign and would appropriately culminate with his presidency of the FSAC in 1997.  


Fiesta Oyster Bake, which is organized by and benefits the St. Mary’s University Alumni Association, began as a small campus activity event and has grown into one of Fiesta’s largest and most popular events.  Bob has held important leading roles for the Oyster Bake since its inception, including terms as Grounds Manager and, ultimately, Chairman.  He is credited with the development of position descriptions for the event’s volunteers and establishment of its organizational structure, both of which provide the needed stability for a major undertaking attended by thousands of Oyster Bake enthusiasts.



A founding member of the San Antonio Zulu Association, Frank was dubbed “a visionary” for proposing an African American-organized  Fiesta event to be held under the auspices of the Zulu organization.  Through his strong urging, the Zulus became a PMO and in 1983 held their first official Fiesta event.  Originally called Fiesta West and held in the St. Paul Square area, the name later changed to A Taste of New Orleans and as its popularity grew Frank spearheaded a move to the larger, more open Sunken Gardens Theater in Brackenridge Park.  Through all of its growth in attendance and attractions, Frank kept a constant eye on the event to suggest improvements that assured even greater appeal and success.



Paul’s first service to the FSAC was in an unofficial capacity to review and critique the Fiesta Magazine with a goal of making recommendations to revamp it into what has become its award-winning format.  After accepting an offer to fill an unexpired term as an elected commissioner, he then served for eleven consecutive years in alternating terms on the Board of Commissioners and the Executive Committee.  During those years Paul chaired, in some cases more than once, the Accreditation, By Laws, Compliance, Marketing, Merchandising, and Television Contract Committees, in addition to serving as Founding Chairman of the Art Scholarship Committee.



Marshall literally grew up in a Fiesta environment, his father having been an active member of the Texas Cavaliers.  Marshall and his brother followed in their father’s footsteps, both also becoming active members of the local men’s civic and patriotic organization which Marshall ultimately headed as Commander.  He has also been President of the Order of the Alamo, King Antonio LXVIII, and, after his induction to the Order of the Cascaron, President of the FSAC in 2000.  Very significantly, he is singularly credited with extended outreach to Fiesta’s Military Ambassadors by personally arranging their attendance at and participation in a variety of official Fiesta events.

*Indicates Deceased

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