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The Order of the Cascaron Honors New Members

Although their formal induction has been postponed due to the Covit-19 outbreak, we welcome Rhonda Calver and Larry Kurth to the Order of the Cascaron.

Rhonda Calvert

If the thousands of Fiesta volunteers could be categorized into groups, one might be those who involve themselves in as many different Fiesta events and with their presenting organizations as their time allows. Another group might be those who choose to support one organization and its events with all of their time, talent and energy. Order of the Cascaron inductee Rhonda Kolm Calvert is an outstanding example of that second category of volunteers, having devoted at the time of her induction at least fifteen years to the over 600-member Battle of Flowers (BoF) Association. Her support began with the BoF’s Band Festival followed by years of leadership positions with the Battle of Flowers Parade and the Association’s Board of Directors, culminating with her presidency in 2016-18. Meanwhile, her steady and consistent work on behalf of the BoF also placed her in rolls with the Fiesta Commission itself as a Commissioner and as a member of its Executive Committee. Her motivation began and continues to be the rich histories of San Antonio and Fiesta which she works tirelessly to preserve and promote.

Larry Kurth

Few Fiesta volunteers can claim as much tenure on the FSAC’s governing body, its Executive Committee (EC), in less than a ten-year period as can Larry Kurth. His first experience was as the Presidential Appointee of Nick Garza who held the office of President in 1996-97. Next, Larry served as the EC’s Secretary for Fiesta 2000, and the following year as its Treasurer. The year after that he became Vice President of the FSAC, and was appointed in 2003 to the office of President-Elect. Then ultimately, he served as President of the FSAC for Fiesta 2005. While and in between holding those EC offices, Larry also headed a number of FSAC standing and ad hoc committees including Accreditation, By-Laws, Budget & Finance, Compliance, Insurance, Merchandise and an impressive list of others.


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